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Spiro Benefits Point of View

Spiro Benefits Point of ViewToday’s healthcare environment is just as much about being in the know of the various insurance programs and services, as it is to being current about what we refer to as the maze of government regulations.

Did you know that state insurance legislatures regularly review and revise state insurance law that determine eligibilities and penalties for tax credits, which have a direct impact on employers? Or perhaps, recognizing the next big shift in 2013, the reporting of the value of employer coverage and the eligibility of employees working 30 hours per week will be required. These all are obligations that fall on the employer and taking your eye off the ball at any point can yield immediate negativity results. This inherently increases the amount of time you will need to spend on administration responsibilities.

For these very reasons, Spiro Benefits Network has built a team of people to manage the constant changes of the reform and to keep our network of providers strong. Healthcare reform is a very delicate line that needs to be carefully managed. My Point of View in this unprecedented area is that without the proper attention to the details, employers will find themselves spending way too much time playing catch-up rather than putting their energy against developing an insurance plan that is right for themselves and their employees.